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Additional Services You Should Consider During Your Long-Distance Move

When you plan a long-distance move, it's imperative that you're organized and pay close attention to every detail. Unfortunately, if you try to do every little thing yourself, it can make the process extremely stressful. So before you start planning your long-distance move, take some time to learn more about the different kinds of additional services offered by moving companies that can make your big move simple.

Vehicle Shipping

Driving your vehicle to your new home can be cost effective. However, it isn't always ideal for several different reasons. First, if your family has more than one vehicle, driving your vehicles to your new home means that your family will be separated during the lengthy trip. If you're traveling with children or pets or if you're not used to traveling on your own, being separated during a long-distance drive can be stressful. Also, not only do you have to keep track of your loved one's location, but also you have to keep track of the location of the truck that's hauling your belongings. This way, you don't end up reaching your new home several days before your things or arrive after the movers when you have to let them into the house. Having your vehicle(s) shipped to your new location saves you a lot of trouble. With the moving company handling all of your belongings and your vehicles, your family can fly to the new location and stay in a hotel until the movers arrive. Chances are, you'll even have a few days free to explore your new city while you're waiting on your things to arrive.

Packing and Unpacking

Many long-distance moving companies offer a packing and unpacking service. Taking advantage of it frees up some of your time so that you can concentrate on other details of your move — such as calling utility companies, transporting pets, and enrolling children in school. If you decide to take advantage of your moving company's packing and unpacking service, you should

  • Take a complete home inventory.
  • Ensure your pets and/or children are out of the home so the movers can work freely.
  • Make a list that includes any important details that you want the movers to know — you don't want to forget something important mid-move.

Transport Unique Items

There are some things, such as pianos or expensive art collections, that need to be packed and transported carefully. Fortunately, many moving companies offer this type of service for an additional fee. All you need to do is make sure you hire a moving company that specializes in moving the items that you own. This way, you don't need to hire a separate team of specialists to do the job.

Long-distance moving doesn't need to be stressful. Take the time to review all of the additional services that your moving company offers, and take advantage of any that will make the process as simple as possible. In the long run, chances are, you'll find the additional cost was worth it. For more information, contact a business such as Metti International Vehicle Transport and Car Shipping.