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Transportation Options For An Adult Class Trip

For a field trip with a continuing education or other adult class, the days of riding around in the school bus are over. There are a few options that could make getting from one place to another easy for trip organizers.

Meet at the Location

The first option is having each person be responsible for their own transportation. It certainly makes planning easier on the part of the chaperone, and you don't have to worry about someone getting left behind. Everyone can travel at their own pace. The drawback is that there may be more trouble finding each other at the venue rather than at a familiar place, such as meeting at the classroom. And the expenses for driving and parking can add up, especially if there is limited parking at your field trip spot.

Meet Up and Carpool

Another option would be to meet in a neutral location and carpool to your field trip site. This reduces environmental toll, saves money, and gives the field trip more of a social aspect. Of course, you would probably need to ask some of your students to volunteer to drive, which can place some additional responsibility on certain students, so it's a good idea to survey students about their willingness to carpool if you're considering this option. You may also need to help administer carpool so that no students get left out in the process.

Meet Up and Ride Public Transportation

You could also have the group meet to ride public transportation together. It has the benefits of keeping the group together throughout the trip, but at a lower cost to any individual person. You could make the ride a vital part of the trip where you discuss what you will be seeing on the field trip and give pre-trip discussion topics for people to think, talk, or write about; that way, the transportation time is not down time.

Rent a Group Vehicle

A charter vehicle helps to solve some of the problems mentioned above. It is a direct, safe and convenient option for getting your whole group from A to B. You may be able to get school funding or have students chip in a small amount to help with the costs of a transportation service. One added benefit is that your driver will worry about navigating and parking, so that you can have a more seamless experience and focus on interacting with your students.