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Want To Start Your Own Charter Service? Two Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy

If you are a pilot, starting your own charter service can be very lucrative for you. You do, however, need to ensure that you keep your customers happy. Doing so will not only keep them as your customer but they will likely tell other people about your service. Below are two tips to help you get started doing this.

Quick Turn Service

A quick turn service will help you fuel your charter plane to get you in the air quickly. This means if you find that you are low on gas, you will not have to worry about filling up your tank.

You do not want your flyers to have to sit in your plane waiting for it to be fueled. It may be hot outside or they may not have access to Wi-Fi because the plane may not have electricity if the fuel is completely gone.

You may even have some flyers demand a refund and get off the plane. This is especially true if they have to get to a meeting or some other engagement by a certain time. Many professionals choose charters because of this. Flying a large commercial flight may mean layovers, which take up a lot of time.

Contact a few quick turn service companies in your area to learn more about them. Determine how long it will take them to fuel your plane to help you choose one that will work best for you.


Besides having a plane that is clean with comfortable seating, there are many incentives you can offer your flyers. Flying by charter is generally expensive so they deserve to be treated well for this reason alone.

Instead of serving traditional plane food, you should hire a chef to prepare food during the flight. You should also have a bar with a variety of drinks available to everyone. Instead of handing out bags of peanuts give scones, tea sandwiches, or pastries.

Food tastes different when you are in the air so hire a chef that understands this. Because of the cabin pressure, taste buds may be less receptive to salt. The inside of a plane is also low in humidity, which can diminish smell and taste.  For this reason, the chef should use different types of cooking methods, as well as ingredients and ensure they use the right condiments.

Following these tips will help you have a successful charter service so you can keep your business running for a long time.