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Traveling Alone: Staying Safe

Traveling alone is a unique experience which can reveal truths about yourself and show you that you can handle all kinds of situations well. Because you'll be alone, you need to be serious about preparation long before you leave so that safety isn't a concern. These tips could prevent bad situations and give you the freedom to fully enjoy your destination.

Arrange Taxi Services Now

Before even getting on the train or plane to an exotic place, you need to consider how you'll move around once you're in your vacation destination. The smartest way to travel can often be a personal taxi; you don't have to concern yourself with train or bus schedules and you can move freely. You may want to learn about friendly taxi services in the local area so you can do some brief investigation about their prices and what steps they take to preserve your safety. For example, the driver's information may be prominently displayed either in the back with you or securely mounted on the dashboard in the front seats. If you're a woman, some locations have women's only taxi services with women drivers that you might feel comfortable with.

Have a Plan

Wandering around on strange streets can sometimes be part of the charm of going somewhere new, but it can also be a recipe for disaster if something happens and no one at home knows where you might have been. Therefore, it's wise to design an itinerary which you can give to those you trust back home. The itinerary of course will also keep you on track, so you can arrange cabs and see what you want to see before you've got to leave.

Be Mindful of Various Neighborhoods

Chatting with the concierge at your hotel will give you a lot of information about the place where you are, but most importantly, you'll get details about which neighborhoods should be avoided at night or altogether. Not being from the area, you could unwittingly find yourself in high crime spots that can be more menacing for a person going out alone.

Don't Overdo Cocktails

Even if you imagine your alcohol tolerance is fairly high, steer clear of too many alcoholic drinks when you're out and about. Drink even less than you would at a bar or club at home because you will need to rely on your judgment skills to get you back to your hotel and roof safely. 

Your travel experience as a solo traveler can be memorable and enjoyable if you take easy steps to remain safe. Coordinate your actions with taxi services, such as from Union Taxi, and your hotel for a great time