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Aside From Price, What Should You Look For In A Boat Dealership?

Many people determine what dealership to buy a new or used boat from based solely on the prices that they are offering on their boats. While price is an important factor to consider when selecting a dealership, it isn't the only factor that one should consider. If you are looking to buy a new or used boat, here are a few of the features that you should look at and consider when selecting a boat dealership

What Incentives They Are Currently Offering

Just like car dealerships, boat dealerships offer different incentives to entice you to make your purchase through them. Some of these incentives are cash-based incentives, such as a certain dollar amount off of the purchase price. Others are maintenance-based incentive or product-based incentives. A dealership may throw in maintenance for a year or two if you buy from them or offer an upgrade, such as an upgraded audio or light system, when you buy your boat at their dealership. Take the time to find out what incentives different dealerships are offering to find one that is offering something that is of value to you. 

What Financing Options They Offer

Another key factor to consider when you are looking for a boat dealership is what financing options they offer. Some dealerships offer financing options primarily to those who have great credit. Other dealerships may offer financing options to those who may have challenged credit. Finding a dealership who offers the financing you need helps to make the buying process easier on you. 

How They Deliver the Boat to You

The last factor you may want to consider when you are trying to determine what dealership to buy a boat from is how they deliver the boat to you. If you own a trailer and a car big enough to tow your boat, this may not concern you. But if you are planning on placing your boat directly in a marina and don't have the means to tow it around, you may want to find a dealership who can deliver it to where your boat will be docked as part of the purchase agreement. 

Buying a new or used boat is a big purchase. Taking the time to find the right boat dealership can make the buying process easier on you and can help to ensure that your boat meets your needs and your budget. When you are looking to buy a boat, pay close attention to what incentives different dealers are offering, what financing options they offer, and how the boat is delivered to you.