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Here's What Your Warehouse Facility Should Be Able To Offer You

Are you looking for a warehouse facility to help you store products and fulfill orders? Following are a few features to look for when choosing a service provider to work with:

Retail Order Fulfillment

Even if you don't need your warehouse service provider to fulfill order for you now, the need may arise as time goes on and your business grows. Whether you sell directly to the public or work with retail outlets to get your products out there, your warehouse service provider should be able to ship orders within just a day or two of receiving the orders.

You should be able to provide your warehouse provider with a list of customer or retail orders every day, once a week, or on a monthly basis and rely on the orders to be shipped out of the warehouse within your company's delivery time frame. Make sure you get a complete list of order fulfillment services a prospective warehouse service provider offers so you can ensure that your needs will be met before deciding to hire their services.

Climate Control Options

It's important to make sure that the warehouse service provider you decide to work with offer climate controlled storage facilities to ensure optimal protection for your products while they're waiting to be processed, sold, or transported elsewhere. You should have access to a secure storage space with a built-in thermostat that's accessible only to you and warehouse workers.

If your products need to be stored in a cold climate, you would be able to keep your storage space as cold as a fridge if necessary. You would also be able to create a warm, humid climate if you are storing things like live plants. Need to make sure products like clothing stays dry? That shouldn't be a problem either when utilizing a climate controlled storage unit at your chosen warehouse facility.

Various Transportation Services

Whether you need to make a last-minute delivery to a local retail shop or you're looking to make several deliveries to outlets throughout the country within a given period of time, the warehouse facility you end up working with should be able to provide ground transportation services to accommodate those delivery needs.

Have prospective warehouse facilities provide you with a full list of ground transportation services they offer and delivery timelines for each options offered. You can then compare the options to one another to help you decide which warehouse will most likely meet your company's needs in the long run. Contact a service, like HES Logistics, Inc, for more help.