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Freelancing As A Trucker? How To Make Some Serious Money

Having a semi truck means you can start out on your own, looking for work where you can find it, or you can bring your truck to a company that is looking to hire you. However, a lot of truckers enjoy the former idea because they can set their own hours and choose which jobs they are willing to take for the pay. There are no health benefits, and you do have to pay your own insurance, but if you do not want to work weekends or you want to be home on certain days, you can do that. Here is how you can make some serious money freelancing as a trucker. 

Truck Load Boards

Imagine a place online where tens of thousands of jobs for truckers are posted every day. It actually exists! They are called "truck load boards," and you can check them daily or weekly to see which jobs and how many jobs are available. You can also narrow the job field down by area and distance from your home if you want to cut fuel and travel costs. Some load boards are free to peruse, but they may not list job specifics until you agree to sign on for a job. Other job boards charge a monthly fee to use, but then you get all the specifics you need about a job you are considering doing. The rate per mile and the potential amount of money to be made are listed as well, just in case you need a little extra motivation some days. 

Use the Boards to Post Yourself

The load boards are not just places where you can find a job and sign up for it. They are also places where companies are looking to hire freelancers like yourself. Post details about you, your truck, and what and how much you can haul, as well as your expected pay. The companies find your listing in the load board listings and contact you to talk about doing jobs for them. If you are not already busy with the jobs posted that you have signed on to do, you can make even more money doing jobs that are offered to you. 

The Boards Are Similar to Classified Ads

Before these load boards existed, truckers had to find jobs through the classified ads of newspapers, and then through the classified ads of online ad agencies. The boards are so much easier to use to find work you want to do and pass on the work you do not want to do. When you are new to the trucking business, this is a good way to get the cash flow going.

To learn more, check out load boards like those from My Virtual Fleet