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3 Tips To Keeping Your Guests Safe At An Alcohol Friendly Wedding

Many weddings are alcohol-friendly events. When including alcohol in the celebration, transportation must become a concern. The last thing you want is anyone being hurt leaving your reception after having one too many drinks. How can you make sure that your guests get home or to a hotel safely? Below, you'll find a few ideas that can help you plan for the heaviest drinkers.

Consider a Bus Charter

A bus charter can really help decrease the anxiety of the day. Being able to transport the entire bridal party in one vehicle simplifies organizing the big day. If your wedding and reception are at separate locations, the charter bus can be sent back and forth to provide transportation to those who may need it.

Tip: Before booking the bus, inquire about the possibility of decorating the bus, what additional fees there may be for decorating, and any fees that may be included over the cost of the base price. Knowing beforehand will reduce the chance of unfortunate surprises later.

Note: Not all charters permit the consumption of alcohol on the bus. Discuss this prior to selecting the service you choose.

Book a Block of Rooms

To ensure everyone has a place to go at the end of the night, consider booking a block of hotel rooms. Booking by the block, which is simply several rooms on one booking, will save you on the cost per room. It also helps to ensure that there are enough rooms for your guests that needed a ride to someplace safe to sleep it off.

Tip: Try to find a hotel a reasonable distance from the reception hall. This way, you could continue to use the charter bus to safely transport everyone with ease.

Hire a Bartender

Having an open bar that allows your guests to serve themselves is a recipe for disaster. Too many people don't know when enough is enough and will continue drinking until they're well beyond a sensible buzz. This can result in outbursts and uncomfortable situations.

Having a bartender serving your guests ensures that someone sober is monitoring each guest's intoxication level. Once they've had enough, they can be shut off or the drinks can at the very least, be poured lighter.

Alcohol at weddings can make things a lot of fun, but it does come with serious responsibility. Hopefully, the above tips will help you plan a safer and more enjoyable wedding to remember with fondness.