Preparing Your Boat For Its Cross-Country Trip

Moving across the country is never easy, but when you have a boat to ship, it is even more of a challenge. Hiring a good shipping company is the top way to make sure your boat arrives at your new home in one piece and in good shape. However, you'll also have to make sure you do a good job of preparing that boat for the trip. Here are a few steps to complete in the days leading up to your boat's road trip. [Read More]

Why Charter A Helicopter?

People are traveling more all the time. Not just taking long, faraway trips for business or pleasure but quite often trips that take an hour or two by car. When you need to get somewhere faster than that, you should check into chartering a helicopter, such as through Helinet. Here are just a few reasons this will make sense. Better than an Airplane Sure, you could possibly get a flight on an airplane, but quite often there will be additional travel time to and from the airport. [Read More]

Some Really Cool Uses For TEG, And What This Chemical Does

TEG is short for "triethylene glycol." TEG has dozens of uses, many of which may surprise you. In fact, this chemical is so versatile, the real question should be "What does it not do?" The following examples show TEG's diverse uses and what it does in each example. Gas Tank Desiccant  You know that stuff you pour into your gas tank every winter to prevent the gas from freezing in your car's tank and fuel line? [Read More]

Here's What Your Warehouse Facility Should Be Able To Offer You

Are you looking for a warehouse facility to help you store products and fulfill orders? Following are a few features to look for when choosing a service provider to work with: Retail Order Fulfillment Even if you don't need your warehouse service provider to fulfill order for you now, the need may arise as time goes on and your business grows. Whether you sell directly to the public or work with retail outlets to get your products out there, your warehouse service provider should be able to ship orders within just a day or two of receiving the orders. [Read More]